Monday, January 31, 2011

Living in January – From 2bed/2bath to 3bed/1bath

We live in a 2bed/2bath condo.  We’ve lived here for over six years and it’s been nearly perfect, up until we joyfully discovered that I was pregnant with our second child.  We knew that it would be difficult to have a baby and a toddler share a bedroom, but we were up for the challenge!  Mackenzie has been an okay nighttime sleeper, not like our all-star nighttime sleeper, Trevor, but good enough.  By four months we had moved her full time into Trevor’s room and she was sleeping 10 hours at night.  This was fine by me, and it continued until we decided to be adventurous and break from our very consistent nighttime schedule.  I figured, how bad could breaking from our schedule for one night be?  As it turns out, VERY bad.

We went to a friend's house for New Year's Eve, and kept Mackenzie up until about 10:30 (not wanting to wake other babies up who were already sleeping in all available rooms) and she decided that 10:30 would henceforth be her new bed time.  After many nights of crying, she finally was convinced again that 7:30pm was an okay time to go to bed, but then she started waking up in the middle of the night…sometimes twice.  This was not a big deal for the first few nights, but after almost a month of mama not sleeping through the night, Tim and I decided that enough was enough and we converted our home from a 2bed/2bath to a 3bed/1bath.  Sorry Mackenzie, the bathroom is your new home. She must not mind too much, because from the first night we put her in there she has slept through perfectly at least 10 hours, sometimes almost 12.

My only reservation about her sleeping in the pack 'n play was that we have the cheapest model and the pad on the bottom is super hard and not completely flat, so we ended up buying this Dream On Me 3" Portable Crib Mattress . Now my mind is at ease. 

Happy Living!

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