Monday, February 21, 2011

A Belt Can Do Wonders!

Trevor loves to help with the laundry. He loves to put the clothes in the washing machine, take them out of the dryer, etc.  The only problem is that it seems like he is never quite tall enough, or his arms aren't quite long enough, or he just isn't quite strong enough to be super helpful.  Well, today I want to share a trick we found that lets Trevor be more helpful and it works for more than just laundry too!

One day Trevor wanted a ride in the laundry basket.  Tim was sick of the strain of bending over to push him, so he decided to fix a belt onto the handle of the basket so he could pull him instead of push him.  Now he could stand straight instead of having to hunch over.  Genius!  We soon realized that this simple contraption would come in handy for a few things.

After we do laundry and the basket needs to be moved from the dryer to wherever I'm going to fold it, Trevor would always try to pick up the basket and carry it.  Obviously this didn't ever work, but now with the belt on basket he can pull it!  He feels so special being able to actually help.

We often gather up stray toys in a laundry basket and move them from the bedroom to the family room.  This used to be work for mommy and daddy, but now Trevor can do it!  He can pull even the fullest basket down the hall.  I really like it because it gives Trevor actual responsibilities, but even if the job gets left for mom again, it's much easier for me to pull a basket than it is to carry a heavy one from one room to the next.

Do you have any other practical ideas for a laundry basket?  Have you thought of any other ways to let a preschooler be more helpful with everyday tasks?  I'd love to learn from your ideas!

Happy Living!


  1. Great idea! If only it would help Luke carry things upstairs :( Right now, for "chores," I have Luke set the table, put some of his clothes away and he holds the dustpan when I sweep. That's in addition to general picking up of stuff.

  2. Oooo, you're right about the stairs. I guess I can be thankful that we're all on one floor right now! I was thinking of asking people what they do for chores for their preschoolers. Those are some good ideas. Right now Trevor just usually follows me around 'helping,' but I think I'd like to start a few real chores for when he turns 3.