Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Living in February: Life with a Two Year Old

The other night I was sitting in the kid’s room nursing Mackenzie, listening to Tim read the Bible to Trevor.  As the time went on I realized that their interaction in those few minutes captured perfectly what life with Trevor is like these days.  The conversation went something like this. 

Tim:        “What number is this?”  Trevor thinks for a couple of seconds…

Trevor:    “Twenty-six!” Tim starts reading from Matthew 26.

Tim:         “Trevor, sit still and listen to Daddy.” Then he proceeded to keep reading.

Trevor:     “What’s hypocrite mean?” Tim then offers a simple explanation and continues to read.

Trevor:     “Daddy, what’s tombs mean?” Again Tim answers and keeps reading. Trevor then crumples a                       page in the Bible.

Tim:          “Trevor, if you do that again you’re going to get your butt smacked. Listen to Daddy read.”                  He continues on.

Trevor:     “Daddy what’s Jerusalem mean?”  Tim answers. Trevor continues to squirm and crinkles a page                   again.  This time he does it with a sly look in his eye.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  He                    proceeded to get his butt smacked.

The scenario made me chuckle to myself because it was such a perfect snippet of what our days are like and how Trevor’s two and a half year old brain works.  Trevor is learning so much lately, always asking questions so he can understand better.  He constantly wants to know what words mean and how things work.  This ever expanding intelligence means that he also more knowledgeable about what is expected of him and he always wants to see how far he can push the limits.  This is very frustrating to me.  We try to be very consistent with our expectations and the consequences that come with disobedience so that he can learn the safety that comes with staying within the boundaries of obedience.  I try to remind myself that his disobedience is often just a result of his increasing intelligence.  He is learning cause and effect and also that he has the power to say “NO.”  The balance that I am trying to learn is encouraging his intellectual growth while still standing firm with expecting obedience from him.  Any of you moms have any advice of how to do this while also keeping your sanity?  =)  

Happy Living!


  1. We are going through the same thing with Alyssa. She is always pushing boundaries. Though I think that it has definately slowed down a bit. We also try to explain why she should and shouldn't do things and this seems to help. Malachi is also starting to push limits. I have been reading Childwise and it has lots of good ideas. I don't 100% agree with everything but I think most of it is useful.

  2. Oh, thanks for suggesting Childwise! We're big Babywise fans around here, and I've read through Toddlerwise, but hadn't thought to pick up the next in the series.