Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Great Thou ART Drawing Demo

I want to share with you a drawing demo from How Great Thou Art's Intermediate Drawing DVD.  This is a product from the same company that my current giveaway (Lamb's Book of Art) is from, so if you like this, make sure to go and enter the giveaway! (giveaway ended)

This Intermediate Drawing DVD is geared for children age 8 & up.  Is has six hours of detailed and informative teaching taught in a step-by-step manor that children will enjoy! The website says that it is...

"Ideal for going deeper into drawing education.  Sutdents will learn to draw more complex things like animals, portraits, anatomy, and even perspective and depth."

If this interests you but looks a little too advanced for your child, check out their Beginning Drawing DVDs.

If you would like more free drawing instruction like this video, make sure to check out How Great Thou Art's facebook page.  And remember to enter to win your very own copy of Lamb's Book of Art!  Giveaway ends Sunday night.

Happy Drawing!

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  1. Thanks for the resource recommendations. I am not a good drawer AT ALL - but would love for my kids to be. Thanks for linking up at Living Life Intentionally Linky Party.

  2. Wow! My 6 yr old would love this! He devours drawing books so I'm sure a DVD would thrill him even more. Thanks for hightlighting this company.

  3. Stephanie, I'm so glad you found this helpful!

  4. We used Mr. Stebbings art books when our children were younger. One of our sons in particular blossomed using these resources! Just taking the time to persevere is good training ground for other endeavors in life. You are a great teacher, I can tell!!

  5. Miss Jaqueline, thanks for sharing that you've used these books! Yes, completely agree with your statement on perseverance. That is specifically why I use Baby Lambs Book of Art with my little one. I love that it focuses him on following the instructions instead of just scribbling on a page and then turning to the next page (to scribble on that one too!)